Individual Artist Support

I'm currently developing this page - but here are some loose thoughts in the mean time so you can get a rough sense of what it may be like to work together as an individual artist.

Individual support for artists sits within the intersection where the personal and artistic worlds meet. If the art is very personal or touches upon personal material, the intersection is greater and therefore there may be a greater need for support.

The artist may be working on their own or be part of a creative team.

The artist may be an or a combination of the below:

  • Performer

  • Writer / divisor

  • Dancer

  • Director

  • Dramaturg

  • Musician

  • Composer

  • Designer

  • Technician

  • Producer

  • Anyone who identifies as an artist!

All work is bespoke and responsive.

The artist may need support that is project specific. Or the artist may want support / guidance for their over-arching practice.

Individual artist support is often, but certainly not limited to, working with someone who is a "Lead Artist".  The artist have multiple roles such as Creator / Writer / Performer / Subject - the more roles the higher the risk on mental health & wellbeing.


When working together, the Artist and I will dedicate time to deep reflection & processing prior / during / post the creative period.


Sessions are in person and / or via video call.


I believe individual support is most needed when the art draws upon the artist's autobiographical material, especially traumatic material. We would work in a way that reduces re-traumatisation.


We might think about the interplay between personal or artistic vulnerability.

Individual support provides a proactive container and support structure for the challenging elements of making art. 


Together we may explore areas such as:

  • ethics (personal & professional)

  • boundaries

  • unhelpful unconscious dynamics

  • safer methods of exploring delicate / triggering material

  • inner & interpersonal conflicts

  • communication styles

  • audience wellbeing and more.

As an artist wellbeing practitioner I do not tell an artist what to do. I offer guidance, reflection & challenge where necessary. Ultimately, and with reflection, the artist will know best.