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Looking After Ourselves & Each Other

COVID19 - Support

In this time of great upheaval / change / loss / adaptation within the arts it is so very important to look after our relationships to both ourselves and each other. Could your company benefit from some dedicated time to connect with each other with meaning and depth?

Group Wellbeing Sessions for Companies & Collectives


  • The session will 60-90minutes long (depending on how many people are joining).

  • The sessions will be held on Zoom.

  • The session will be facilitated by myself so everyone can engage equally & without needing to hold others or time boundaries etc.

  • It is a dedicated time in which companies can deeply check in with each other. The sessions are designed for the collective to really listen to self and others / lean into each other / clear the air if needed / ask me for guidance support where needed.

  • A session can be a one off, or something that is put in at regular intervals - whatever feels best for the company / collective.

  • Fees are negotiated which each company, but the maximum will be £15/person.

If this is in any way of interest, please to get in touch to talk it through. Together, we can create something that meets you and your company's unique needs.

This page is still in development, but here are a few thoughts to help guide you in the meantime:


Working with others can certainly be exciting, rewarding, fun and enriching. But, at times, working with others can also be challenging, frustrating, and dis-empowering. Artist Wellbeing can support and enhance Creative Teams & Creative Companies by offering:

  • Group reflective sessions

  • Check In & Out best practices

  • Helping groups generate wellbeing processes

  • Techniques that help teams work smoothly and harmoniously

  • Help to harness conflict and move through conflict in creative ways

  • Considerations about diversity and inclusivity

  • Methods of Mindful Co-working

Mindful Co-Working

"The term 'mindful co-working' reflects a simple truth: the best co-working happens when colleagues pay purposeful and careful attention to their own and each others' roles, responsiblities, thoughts, feelings and perspectives. It requires a conscious and deliberate use of the mind and the imagination. In other words, mindful co-working does not happen by chance, or by rote delivery. It is always a result of fully conscious and considered collaboration."

From Mindful Co-Working by Clark Baim