Team & Group Support

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Working with others can certainly be exciting, rewarding, fun and enriching. But, at times, working with others can also be challenging, frustrating, and dis-empowering. Artist Wellbeing can support and enhance Creative Teams & Creative Companies by offering:

  • Group reflective sessions

  • Check In & Out best practices

  • Helping groups generate wellbeing processes

  • Techniques that help teams work smoothly and harmoniously

  • Help to harness conflict and move through conflict in creative ways

  • Considerations about diversity and inclusivity

  • Methods of Mindful Co-working

Mindful Co-Working

"The term 'mindful co-working' reflects a simple truth: the best co-working happens when colleagues pay purposeful and careful attention to their own and each others' roles, responsiblities, thoughts, feelings and perspectives. It requires a conscious and deliberate use of the mind and the imagination. In other words, mindful co-working does not happen by chance, or by rote delivery. It is always a result of fully conscious and considered collaboration."

From Mindful Co-Working by Clark Baim