Artist Wellbeing tends to the place in which the personal and performative meet. It is at this meeting point that artists may encounter issues that can impact and limit emotional, psychological, physical and relational wellbeing.  As the artist and art are inherently inseparable, this meeting point can then sometimes impact and limit the potential of the art itself.

Artist Wellbeing is a bespoke service that aims to provide emotional and psychological support to artists and those they work with. This can be particularly relevant when working with autobiographical, semi-autobiographical and/or biographical material, but is not exclusive to this as fictionalized work can often touch the personal spirit in powerful ways.

Who is an artist? An artist can be anyone who defines themselves as such; they may be theatre makers, actors, performers, live-artists, dancers, directors, writers, producers, musicians, fine artists, poets and more.

Artist Wellbeing can support individual artists, creative teams, producing companies and arts-based institutions.

By proactive use of compassionate discussion, therapeutic techniques, strategy and policy, Artist Wellbeing seeks to bring about revolutionary and radical care for artists, audiences and others.​

The principal aims of Artist Wellbeing are:

  • To support and care for the mental health of the artist/s

  • To provide an artist with a dedicated, safe and confidential time and space for self-reflection and personal growth as an artist

  • To encourage the artist to engage with authentic, productive and dynamic communication skills with themselves and their creative community (touring, company members, venues, creative team)

  • To acknowledge conflict with self and/or others within the creative process and harness its creative rather than destructive force

  • To enhance sustainability of the artist and the art


Artist Wellbeing is a bespoke service that evolves to meet the needs of each artist or creative community.  


Artist Wellbeing Practitioner

Lou Platt is a UK based pioneer of Artist Wellbeing.  Being an Artist Wellbeing Practitioner is a unique synthesis of Lou's 14 years working as a dramatherapist, independent theatre maker and clinical supervisor.

A theatre maker once said, "Creating art is beautiful, but creating art is painful."

As an Artist Wellbeing Practitioner, through open dialogue and supportive techniques, Lou strives to interrupt creative practices that compromise mental health and wellbeing.


The process of Artist Wellbeing also openly acknowledges the inherent discomfort within creative practices and that a degree of pain is often a necessary component in achieving creative goals.  Yet, by working closely together with the artist, Lou aims to make inevitable conflict and discomfort a manageable and productive experience which fuels creativity rather than it becoming a block or destruction of the art or the personal spirit of the artist.

To find out more about Lou as a dramatherapist or clinical supervisor please visit www.louiseplatt.co.uk

Carla Needleman, The Work of Craft

“All the while, of course, I continue working at my craft.  Even when I am most discouraged, and the obstacle of myself seems endlessly insurmountable, I continue.”